Weekly Workout #2

I ended up getting to the gym about 30 mins later than usual due to having to email one of Void’s teachers about her IEP. There were way more people here than usual, but thankfully 90% of them were just here for the treadmills.

My knee was really bothering me yesterday and it hurt so badly overnight that I could barely walk on it to get pain meds. This morning it was feeling alright, and the leg press was ok, but when I got to the leg extensio, my right knee started to make a popping sound & hurt so took it easier than usual. Hopefully I didn’t injure it, and I may just skip that machine all together tomorrow.

I decided to push myself a bit farther than yesterday on all the upper body stuff and once I was through with the usual machines, I was feeling great and went to the elliptical for a bit. That got my heart rate way up and I started feeling sick so I stopped at .2 mi.

Leg Press 1 set of 20 @125lbs, 110lbs, 95lbs
Leg Extension 1 set of 10@ 45lbs, 30lbs, 15lbs
Lat Pulldown 2 sets of 10 @ 75lbs, 60lbs, 1 set of 20 @45lbs
Seated Row 4 sets of 5 @ 75lbs, 2 sets of 10 @60lbs, 45lbs
Shoulder Press 1 set of 5 @45, 4 sets of 5 @30lbs
Chest Press 1 set of 10 @45lbs, 2 sets of 10 @30 lbs
Tricep Extension 2 sets of 10 @45lbs, 2 sets of 20 @30lbs, 1 set of 10 @45lbs
Bicep Curl 1 set of 10 @45lbs, 2 sets of 10 @30lbs, 1 set of 10 @45 lbs
Elliptical .20mi @ 3.5-4 speed @ 12 resistance


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