Back to the gym

This week has been full of car trouble and doctor’s appointments so I haven’t been able to get to the gym. Somehow it’s Thursday already so I knew I had to get here today because I cannot skip a full week or my consistency train will fly right off the rails.

The nice older ladies were here again and we had a good conversation. They actually thanked me for motivating them so that made me really glad I came today!

Leg Press 2 sets of 10 @125lbs, @110lbs & 95lbs
Leg Extension 1 set of 10@ 45, 2 sets of 10 @30
Lat Pulldown 2 sets of 10 @60lbs, 2 sets of 10 @45lbs
Seated Row 2 sets of 10 @60lbs, 2 @45lbs
Shoulder Press 4 sets of 5 @30lbs
Chest Press 1 set of 5 @45lbs, 2 sets of 10 @30 lbs
Tricep Extension 1 set of 10 @45lbs, 2 sets of 10 @30lbs
Bicep Curl 3 sets of 10 @30lbs

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