Friday Workout

Today I didn’t want to go to the gym. At all. I waited until like 10 but I brought in the mail and saw I got 2 new planner sticker orders in from Etsy. I decided to reward myself for going to the gym with new stickers so I can’t open them until I get home. I often buy stuff and then forget I bought it so I have no idea what’s in those 2 packages!

Seated Leg Press 2 sets of 10 reps @ 130lbs, 115lbs, 100lbs
Elliptical .3mi (breaks every .1)
Lat Pulldown 2 sets of 10 @60lbs, 2 @45lbs, 2 @30lbs
Seated Row 2 sets of 10 @60lbs, 2 @45lbs, 2 @30lbs
Chest Press 1 set of 10 @45lbs, 2 sets of 10 @30lbs
Shoulder Press 2 sets of 10 @30lbs
Tricep Extension 2 set of 15 @30lbs
Bicep Curl 2 sets of 15 @30lbs
Shoulder Press 2 sets of 10 @30lbs

I had a lot of anxiety walking in here, so I kind of had to mix up the order and added in the elliptical because way too many people were in the 30 min circuit room when I arrived. But I stuck it out and did everything I wanted to do, plus the elliptical! Proud of me 🙂


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