No excuses

I got my 2nd Covid vaccination this morning right after I dropped Void at school so I couldn’t go to the gym right. I didn’t go Wednesday because I took my mom shopping for new clothes and I didn’t go yesterday because I dropped my car off to get the AC fixed and Void had therapy and drama club so it was a crazy busy day!

I wasn’t going to go today either but then I realized that I feel 100% fine so far and because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel I had cleared the day. I previoyslt promised myself that I’d do my best to get to the gym 2x a week for now and if I didn’t go today then I’d be letting myself down. If I do get side effects they’re likely coming tonight so it’s potentially now or never!

I have never been at the gym at lunch time so I was nervous but it was okay. I got up on the stairclimber and did 10 very slow floors. I was going to do more but I remembered exercising your arm can help the injection site feel better so I figured hey, if I’m gonna have a sore arm I might as well have two, right? 😆

I was planning on doing the leg press after the last pulldown but it was being used so instead of quitting there I hopped into the elliptical for half a mile. I took a break every .10 so I didn’t push myself too hard. I won’t know if my nausea is vaccine related or exercise related today so I took lots of breaks today to hopefully stop myself from feeling sick and it worked out pretty well!

Stairclimber 10 floors @ level 3-4
Lat pulldown 3 sets of 10 @ 75lbs, 2 sets of 10 @ 60lbs, 45lbs, & 30lbs
Elliptical .5 mi with a break at each .1 @ 16-18


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