Sweaty, tired, and happy

I woke up so very tired today. More tired than usual. So tired that I had to talk myself out of calling Void off school just so I could stay in bed. I hurt all over. So needless to say, I really didn’t want to go to the gym. Once I got there, the parking lot was full and inside there were people everywhere!

I had a pep talk with myself in the car and me, myself, and I decided to just get in there and do 1 cardio machine, whatever was first available. The dreaded stairclimber was the only thing free. Of course. But there is no quitting allowed! I got up there on the doom machine and said to myself that I just had to do 5 floors. Then I got to 5 and told myself I can make it to 7 because that’s what I got to the last time. And then at 7 I said hey this is probably all I’m doing today, so let’s push to 10! I’m crazy like that.

Once that was done I took a long break to breathe and calm my brain and decided I could do one more machine. Many ellipticals were free and that hurts my knee far less than the treadmill so I hopped on my favorite one, put on some of my happy music, and told myself to just make it to a quarter mile. That seems to be where I can get to these days before I feel like I’m doing to pass out. I got to .10 before I needed a break. Then I decided I’d just build in a break every .10 whether I thought I needed it or not. I got all the way to .5 mile and decided that was enough and that I’d better go home and do all the other things I need to get done today.

With both things I had to take a lot of breaks and go super slow but I got to the gym today and I am SO glad that I did!

Stairclimber 10 floors @ level 3-4
Elliptical .5mi @ 14

A sleepy, puffy, sweaty me is glad to have exercised. Now if only I could stay consistent!


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