Today @ The Gym

I’m not sure what’s up with my body and brain lately, but there’s something bothering me. My anxiety has been at an 8 pretty much constantly when I’m not at home (and sometimes even when I AM at home). My resting heart rate has been hovering around 100. I think it’s just the loss of Ritalin and the addition of Adipex messing with my body and I just need an adjustment period. I hope?

In any case, I took Void to school today after digging my car out of an inch of ice and then I came home. Thankfully the boyfriend had already shoveled the walk the night before. I had already talked myself out of leaving the house again other than to pick her up, but I somehow managed to talk myself into getting my gym clothes on, getting my shoes on, putting my hair up, and actually driving to the gym.

At that point it was after 11am and the parking lot was pretty busy. I sat in the car thinking of about a dozen reasons to just turn around and go home, but I forced myself inside. Normally I will warm up on a treadmill but there were SO many people just walking on treadmills that I just decided to head into the 30 minute circuit room to do something rather than turning around and leaving because my routine was thrown off.

I had to push myself through each and every one of these exercises and I wanted to leave every second I was there. I was there for less than an hour but it felt like about 5 hours and just existing is exhausting today.

Leg press 2 sets of 10 reps @ 110lbs, 95lbs, and 80lbs
Lat pulldown 5 reps @ 90lbs, 10 reps @75lbs,60lbs, and 20 reps @45lbs
Seated row 5 reps @ 90lbs & 3 sets of 5 reps @ 75lbs, 60lbs, and 45 lbs
Chest press 15 reps at 45lbs,30lbs, and 15lbs
Treadmill .5 mile at 3 incline and 2.5 speed


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