Weight Loss Goals

Realistically, I understand that I can’t guarantee that I will lose any weight from week to week. However, I am a very goal oriented person and I like to set small goals for myself to achieve in order to reach the big end goal. I’m also a visual learner and I like to SEE my goals. This morning I decided to map it all out in a very simple form just to see how long it would theoretically take to get to under 200lbs. I have started this journey SO many times over the last 20 years, but I feel like I have a real handle on what a healthy me looks like and how to get there safely and slowly. I know weight loss is easier for the first few months, and it becomes harder the closer you get to your goal. So I probably won’t actually reach my goal in the time frame allotted, but at least I have a visual of something to aim for. This can easily be adjusted in the future to account for plateaus and big loss weeks. As it is mapped out, I have set a goal of 2lbs per week for the first few months, followed by a 1lb per week loss which will put me under 200lbs by December 5th. Adjusting for reality, I figure I will be under 200lbs by spring of 2022 and that is completely doable!

Feb 7 Starting over again at 260lbs

Current weight – Feb 15 – 254.2lbs & my goal was 257. I kicked that goal’s butt!

New goal – 2lbs per week for the first 3 months, then 1lb per week

Feb 22 actual/goal 252

Mar 1  actual/goal 250

Mar 7 actual/goal 248

Mar 14 actual/goal 246

Mar 21 actual/goal 244

Mar 28 actual/goal 242

Apr 4 actual/goal 240

Apr 11 actual/goal 238

Apr 18 actual/goal 236

Apr 25 actual/goal 234

May 2 actual/goal 232

May 9 actual/goal 230

May 16 actual/goal 229

May 23 actual/goal 228

May 30 actual/goal 227

Jun 6 actual/goal 226

Jun 13 actual/goal 225

Jun 20 actual/goal 224

Jun 27 actual/goal 223

July 4 actual/goal 222

July 11 actual/goal 221

July 18 actual/goal 220

July 25 actual/goal 219

Aug 1 actual/goal 218

Aug 8 actual/goal 217

Aug 15 actual/goal 216

Aug 22 actual/goal 215

Aug 29 actual/goal 214

Sept 5 actual/goal 213

Sept 12 actual/goal 212

Sept 19 actual/goal 210

Sept 26 actual/goal 209

Oct 3 actual/goal 208

Oct 10 actual/goal 207

Oct 17 actual/goal 206

Oct 24 actual/goal 205

Oct 31 actual/goal 204

Nov 7 actual/goal 203

Nov 14 actual/goal 202

Nov 21 actual/goal 201

Nov 28 actual/goal 200

Dec 5 actual/goal 199


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