Talking Myself Up

As I sit here in my car looking at the gym I realized I haven’t been here in a month. I keep coming back for a day then disappearing for a month. I am sitting here trying to think of any excuse to not go in and so far I’m up to 7 reasons why I shouldn’t go in.

All of them are bullshit. My mind is full of intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and general negativity. I literally have to argue with myself daily just to get the most mundane tasks done. And this is much more difficult than folding laundry. I know that this task will both physically and emotionally hurt me.

Though I know that I will most likely walk out those doors full of the energy and happy mood that comes with an endorphin high, walking IN those doors is probably the most difficult thing I will do all week.

Welp… come on feet.


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