Mask Mandate

Ohio’s Governor DeWine finally mandated masks in public places. This means I will have to wear a mask to the gym, while walking around in the gym, and when leaving the gym, but not while exercising. I’m not sure my anxiety can handle a mask on top of all the regular gym anxiety, but we’ll see. I’ve been putting off going back due to my knee injury (it’s still not better) but I think I will try to go a few times a week even if it’s just upper body and walking the treadmill. I need to get my room cleaned up so I have space to workout in there but I’m getting ready to move and there are a bunch of piles of things that need sorted being in the way. Part of me wants to take the month of August off for fitness and focus on my mental health and cleaning/packing/moving but another part of me is reminding me loudly that I have been slacking off pretty hard since April so maybe that’s not such a great idea. I’ve plateaued in my weight loss for 5 months now and I know I just need a swift kick in the metabolism to get back into it. Maybe regular daily walks again could help.


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