Do something daily

Doing something, even a small thing, every day – staying consistent – is the key to maintaining any routine. Today I decided to take a break from the gym because my anxiety is running fairly high and I have a lot of cleaning/organizing to do here at home. I considered giving myself a full “rest day”, but all I had planned for today at the gym was walking at least a mile on the treadmill. So I said hey, I can just walk a mile outside. But honestly? I didn’t have the mental fortitude right now to simply get dressed and go outside where the people might be.

So I dusted off the old step and figured since it takes me about 24 minutes to walk a mile, I would step for 24 minutes. Boy did that work up a sweat! This is my step and I have it set to the 8″ rise which is the maximum. 4 minutes of stepping up with my left leg followed by 4 minutes of stepping up with my right leg, repeat & taking a few seconds to breathe when necessary.


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