Social Distancing

This is the most up to date information currently for my state. My county just got our first confirmed case yesterday. I expect it’s been everywhere for weeks, we just didn’t have the means to test for it.


I am violently swinging back and forth between panicking, over-thinking, or being terrified and being nonchalant and thinking “it’s just a cough” because they say 75% of people just get sick and can deal with it at home.

I am doing my due diligence – keeping inside as often as I can and maintaining my polite 6′ of social distance. For once, I’m actually really glad I am an introvert. Video games, books, art supplies, multiple video streaming services, a pantry full of snacks… these are all normal things around here.

I am more upset for my daughter. She’ll be 13 in 3 weeks and likely won’t be able to have a party to celebrate. She was just finishing off her first month in public school and started to get the hang of being around other kids her age every day.  Thankfully, she has a lot of online friends and she’s doing okay.

I am still working on figuring out a new routine, but it’s coming along. I need to make time every day for exercise, reading, education, self reflection, and something creative. I might learn to crochet, play the ukulele, and get some painting done. I may even actually start writing again! I have a partial outline for a novel.

I just wish I could get my brain to focus, but this is nothing new.


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