Cardio is Hardio

Stairclimber 10 floors at varying speeds between 4 & 7
Treadmill .36 mi at speeds varying between 2.5 & 3.5 w/ an average incline of 5
Elliptical .25 mi


This is the face of a girl who jogs. That’s right folks, I jogged! For like 20 seconds 3 times. So for like a minute. But I jogged! My mind was all OMG what is happening? This is awful! And my legs were all we don’t care, were doing it!

Today’s workout was 10 floors climbed on the torture device, .36 mile speedwalked/jogged which was planned for .50 mi but my body protested QUITE a lot. After that, the .25 mi elliptical almost didn’t happen, but I forced it.

Then I sat in my car trying to not die and ate a banana and some wheat thins.

Cardio is hardio!


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