A Day “Off”

Every now and then everyone needs a little break.

I woke up this morning trying to talk myself into going back to the gym. That absolutely didn’t happen. My anxiety was still on overdrive. So I said okay, I will do a cardio routine in my bedroom. To do that, I would have had to clean up my floor. That also did not happen. I got bombarded with annoying but necessary phone calls, then had the regular errands to do, the kiddo had an appointment with an occupational therapist and then parent teacher conferences followed by the middle school talent show.

Even on cheat days I try to keep my calories below 2,000. I didn’t do too badly with 2200. I would have been okay if Void hadn’t asked for frozen yogurt. This baby put me over the top but it had been SO long since I had anything like this, I figured what the heck? Let’s do it! I just have to be careful to not go carb & sugar crazy for the rest of the weekend.



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