Today’s Workout

Today was going to be a leg day and it sort of was. I had planned on checking out a couple of new machines but there were way too many people there this morning so that will have to wait. I didn’t have a lot of time to waste this morning so I used what was freely available to me and managed to work up a nice sweat. My fitbit says I had 39 active minutes out of the 45 that I was there, so I’ll take it!

Elliptical .25mi
Leg press – 10 reps each @ 110lbs, 80lbs, 70lbs
Glutes 10 reps each @ 85lbs, 70lbs, 55lbs left/right
Seated leg press 1 set of 10 reps with feet apart, followed immediately by 1 set of 10 reps with feet together at each weight level = 20 reps @100lbs, 20 @85lbs, 20 @70lbs, 20 @55lbs, 20@ 70lbs, 20@ 85lbs, 20@ 100lbs
Abdominal – 10 @90lbs, 15 @70lbs, 10 @55lbs, 15@ 70lbs, 10@90lbs
Elliptical .25mi

I tried a higher weight for the glutes today and it was pretty hard on my left knee, but not unbearable. I might have to use a lower weight for that side in the future though.

Working on the seated leg press from the highest weight, lowering the weight for each set, then working back up to highest weight today really helped me feel those muscles working and it was pretty difficult once I got back up to 100lbs at the end.

I considered doing a second round on the glute machine but someone was using it and I had other things to get done today, so maybe next time. That’s why I threw the abdominal in there. It’s not lower body, but I always feel good after using it and I wanted to give my legs a rest before hitting the elliptical to finish off the day. I used the same structure with that machine as the seated leg press – working from highest weight to lowest, then back up to the highest.


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