Saturday, Ew

Saturday at the gym is a totally different experience.

I let my anxiety get the best of me last weekend and I wasn’t about to do that again this week. I was determined to get in a short workout session no matter what. There were so many people there just showing off their matching outfits and talking on their phones while barely moving on the machines. The place was a huge mess. Tomorrow I have 6 hours of Girl Scout cookie booths so it will be a rest day.

Elliptical .25 mi
Lat pulldown 10 reps each @ 70lbs 55lbs, and 70lbs
Glutes 10 reps each side @ 75lbs & 55lbs
Seated leg press 10 reps @ 100lbs 20 reps @ 85lbs, 20 reps @70lbs, 10 reps @55lbs
Abdominal 10 reps each @ 90lbs, 70lbs,  and another at 90lbs
Elliptical .25 mi