Running still sucks

I did the running thing again. I really had no idea what I was doing today. There was no plan. In fact, I was just going to skip the gym entirely and walk around the neighborhood for about a mile instead. But I said no, go to the gym. You can walk a mile on the treadmill there and it will help get you back on track with your routine.

 Then I was like ew no I’ll just do the 30 min room machines. But as soon as I walked in, the treadmill was all “Heeeeey girl! You should see if you can do 45 seconds today!” And I was like “Shut up treadmill” and it was like “You’re just scared.” So I said “Not today treadmill! I can do 45 seconds!” And I did SIXTY! Ha! Take that, treadmill.

1.03 mile in 25.55 mins with 4 mins walking, 1 minute running THE WHOLE TIME and I did not die.

I mean, I almost fell over a couple of times, but I’m still in one piece. It was actually easier than I expected considering my last running experience of exactly 30 seconds before I wanted to quit.

PROGRESS! And to think, I tried super hard to talk myself out of going today. I would have totally missed this moment and stayed in my space of “I can’t” and “why bother?” Now I feel amazing and energized and like I can take on the world! Except I probably still won’t get around to organizing my closet today. Maybe that will happen some time this year…

Treadmill 1mile – jogging for 1 min every 4 minutes – 25 minute mile.


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