Today’s workout – leg day

Today I decided to take it easy so I won’t be overly sore tomorrow and because there were a LOT of new faces in the gym today. I chose to stay in the 30 minute room again today with the exception of the glute machine. I was going to do some treadmill work after all of this, but my anxiety started to get the best of me and I had more interesting things to do so I decided to cut it short.

Leg extension 1 set of 10 reps @45lbs, 30lbs, and 15lbs
Leg curl 1 set of 10 reps @ 45lbs, 30lbs, and 15lbs
Leg press 1 set of 20 @ 95lbs, 80lbs, and 65lbs
Glutes 5 reps each side @ 85, 70, 55

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