Today at the gym

I woke up in a really strange mood. I feel optimistic and happy but also extremely anxious and overwhelmed. I’m doing my best to avoid social media in general other than to make my own posts, but there is so much negativity floating around right now that it’s difficult to evade it entirely.

Stress creates pain and insomnia for me so I barely slept and hurt only slightly less than I did yesterday. Still, knowing that consistency is key to maintaining a routine, off to the gym I went. I didn’t really have a plan today (note to self, create a plan) and my body protested even standing today, so it wasn’t much.

…may be…

Elliptical .5 mi
Ab crunch 10 reps @ 10lbs
Leg press 3 sets of 10 @ 115lbs, 100lbs, and 85lbs

The .5 mile on the elliptical took forever again today. Lots of breaks were needed due to my heart trying to pound itself out of my chest. My favorite one wasn’t blocked off today, so at least there was that.

The ab crunch machine is still definitely not my friend. I forced myself to ten reps at the lightest weight but more than that might have injured me. My lower back was screaming.

The leg press almost always feels great. I think it’s my favorite machine there. I knocked out those reps pretty quickly and built up a nice sweat.

I considered doing more, but there were lot more people coming in and my anxiety brain noped us right out of there.

Sweaty smiles at the leg press.
Post workout car selfie – loving these new transition lenses! I wasn’t blinded coming outside.

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