A Life Update

The month of April has basically been… monotonous. Everything is shut down, life is boring, we are healthy and safe.

I made it to day 16 of April’s 30 day challenge doing 100 sit ups, push ups, and squats per day. Then my leg decided enough was enough and gave out on me. I did 3 more super modified days  between break days and got to 19 before giving up on it. I’m honestly surprised and proud of myself for getting that far.

I think for May I am just going to challenge myself to exercise daily. I have a plan in my head (that may not make it out) to make a workout schedule for myself for the month so I know what I need to be doing every day.

Jack has faith in me.


As you can see here, the Covid-19 coronavirus has spread quite a bit this month. Everyone I know personally is doing fine and staying healthy. Governor DeWine is talking about opening up the state slowly. I know that everything we are doing is helping stop the spread of the virus, but I just want my gym back!


On the educational front, Void was getting an A- in math and a B+ for language arts. We’ll see if that changes when 3rd 9 weeks grades come in. Governor DeWine has made the decision that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year with online learning to continue.

During all this mess, we did still manage to get Void tested and got her IEP rolling. She was approved for an IEP and we’ll be having the meeting to put that all together on April 30th. She also tested so high on the acedemic/intelligence assessments that they want to test her for giftedness. So there is a good possibility she’ll have both an IEP and a WEP.

On one hand, I am disappointed that she only got 3 weeks of public school under her belt before this hit, but on the other hand, it’s nice that every other kid in her school district now knows what it’s like to be stuck at home with their parent as their teacher.



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