Today’s Workout

Today was another day that I had to talk myself into going to the gym.

My car doors were frozen shut, I had other things to do in the morning, and my anxiety was still running at a high level. Again, I told myself that if I could just do the elliptical I’d be good. So I put on my workout clothes, took the kiddo to school, then went over to the gym. I definitely pushed myself today because I started to feel nauseated again and that’s when I quit. This is bringing back memories of throwing up in/after PE class regularly and it’s not something I’d like to re-live. There was hardly anyone in there when I got there so that really helped me maintain a positive attitude.

Elliptical – .5 mile at a level 14. I maintained a speed of 4 with intervals of 6 as frequently as possible. This felt REALLY great! My anxiety just melted away.
Treadmill – .5 mile at 2.5-3 and an 8.5 incline
Glutes – 10 reps each side @85lbs, 70lbs, and 55lbs
Abdominal – 5 reps @90lbs, 10 reps @70lbs, 10 reps @80lbs, and another 5 reps @90lbs


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