Today was Void’s first day of public school. She has always been homeschooled but as of today she is an official 7th grader at our local middle school. She was super excited to start and had a great first day! The school counselor and I decided to start her on a half day program to get her acclimated this year, and for 8th grade she’ll be going full time.

After drop off I headed over to the gym in my snazzy new threads. I found these shoes on clearance in the kid’s section at Walmart (girls size 6) and decided we would be best friends from that moment on. I also recently bought this shirt at Torrid and thought it went pretty well with my cute new shoes. They are now my favorite workout staples.

Today I ventured outside the 30 min room a bit more and decided to try out the seated leg press where the seat moves rather than the foot board, the lat pulldown, and the row machine that allow you to use each side separately. All together, today’s workout was as follows:

Elliptical – 1/2 mile (no issues today!
Lat pulldown – 10 reps @ 55, 10 reps @ 40
Row – 15 reps @55
Abdominal – 4 sets of 15 reps @ 50
Seated leg press – 2 sets of 10 reps @70 with feet apart, then 10 reps with feet together

After that I went to pick up the kiddo from school and we went out for lunch at her favorite local mom & pop diner.

Then we decided to take a walk through the park that has a nice paved path (1 mile trail) since the weather was chilly but not freezing. After that we went over to the playground to see if I could fit comfortably into a swing. Guess what guys? I CAN! I cannot even express how excited I was at this newfound ability. I love to swing!

After all that, we went over to equine therapy to do Void’s intake interview. There was a white board and she did some doodling between questions. All in all it was a nice day!


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