Today at the gym

Elliptical .54 mile (mostly on a 4.5-8 speed and a level 14)
Treadmill .52 mile (mostly on an 8 incline and a 2.5 speed)

Today I woke up in pain and full of anxiety. My lower back hurt (I have disc degeneration and bone spurs) and that combined with the stress that I hold in my neck/shoulders/upper back was threatening to turn into a migraine. I also didn’t sleep very well. I tried to talk myself into skipping the gym, but thankfully the loud bossy voice that lives in my brain won today.

I came to an agreement with myself that I would at least get into the door and do the 1/4 mile on the elliptical and then I could leave. Since I was only doing the elliptical I figured I ought to push myself hard on it. And I did. Not only did I do the usual 1/4 mile, but I let my playlist go and it was a nice upbeat song that allowed me to keep up a quick pace for another 1/4 mile.

Once I nearly fell off the elliptical (balance issues are a thing) and got it cleaned off, I decided what the heck. While I’m here let’s do the treadmill too. So I did that and pushed myself for 1/2 mile before I said enough is enough.

I walked past the stairclimber and considered it, but my heart was saying STOP and my stomach was like omg why are you doing this to me? So I decided to head on home. Here’s a locker room selfie of me sweating my face off so much that my glasses are fogging up.


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