I had a gym orientation and a “create your own program” scheduled for today. I have rescheduled online for the last two weeks due to illness and when I can finally make it, the instructor is a no-show to work that day.

Mind you, these are small group classes, not one on one sessions, so she wasn’t just sitting there watching her schedule assuming I’m just going to back out again. Even if that were the case, I didn’t back out and I was there and she should have been too.

So I sat alone at the front table waiting on her with just my severe social anxiety to accompany me. It took so much for me to actually show up and be there on time and do the thing with a small group of strangers.

Apparently that didn’t matter anyhow because I was the only one, which would have been great had the instructor bothered to show up.

So I’m sitting there all by myself about ready to just get up and leave the gym forever when the very nice young man who works the AM desk comes over to apologize for her not being there. Just his coming over to talk to me kept me there long enough to alter my mindset and I decided hey, what the heck, why not go figure out just one machine by myself. I’m a smart person, I can do this thing without help.

And I did.


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